13 December 2022

AIFF Vs Wav | Difference | Comparison

Audio interchange file format(AIFF) and Waveform audio file format(WAV) are both audio file formats that are used for storing audio data. AIFF and WAV are two sound file formats created in the late 1990s and are still being used. Both format designs share a similar beginning, they were derived from the IFF file format.

What is AIFF?

AIFF stands for Audio interchange file format. For storing sound data on personal computers and other electronic audio devices, the standard audio file format known as AIFF is used. It was developed by Apple Inc. in 1988 and is most frequently used with Apple Macintosh computer systems. The format was based on the Electronic Arts Interchange File Format.

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What is  WAV?

Waveform audio file format, or WAV, is the common container format for digital audio. It was made by cooperation between Microsoft and IBM. PCM audio streams in their raw, uncompressed form make up this. Since the CD and DVD were in the WAV format, the audio stored on them is of a high calibre. Another example is the fact that a WAV file plays when a CD is placed into a Windows machine, displaying the track icon.

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AIFF Vs Wav | Difference between AIFF and WAV:

  • AIFF files generally use the file extension as .aiff or .aif while the file extension used for WAV files is .wav.
  • AIFF files can work in macOS easily when compared to WAV files work only in the windows platform.
  • In AIFF files, it is not easy to add the tags due to their file formats which are not flexible, while in WAV files, it is easy to add tags.
  • AIFF files cannot be compressed easily when compared to WAV files, which are easily compressible without using any external applications.
  • AIFF files do not corrupt easily, while WAV file gets corrupted easily as the user can change the file formats easily in WAV files.

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