15 December 2022

AIFF Vs FLAC | Difference between AIFF and FLAC

Audio interchange file format(AIFF) and Free lossless audio codec(FLAC) both are popular for use in storing digital audio formats. AIFF and FLAC are both lossless audio file formats. This article will walk you through the difference between AIFF and FLAC and everything you need to know. So let's debate AIFF Vs FLAC  to understand more about it.

What is AIFF?

AIFF stands for Audio interchange file format. The AIFF standard audio file format is used to store sound data on personal computers and other electronic audio devices. It is most typically used with Apple Macintosh computer systems and was created by Apple Inc. in 1988. The Electronic Arts Interchange File Format served as the basis for the format.

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What is FLAC? 

FLAC stands for free lossless audio codec. Since FLAC is a lossless sound pressure codec, the sound is compressed without sacrificing quality. FLAC supports cutting-edge sound pressure to reduce file size without sacrificing data.

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AIFF Vs FLAC | Difference between AIFF and FLAC:

  • Both FLAC and AIFF are lossless formats.
  • AIFF does not compress the audio files, while FLAC involves the compression of the original files by about 40%. 
  • Both AIFF and FLAC offer high-quality audio. 
  • AIFF can be used for MACs, IOs, Android, and windows but is best suited for apple products. while FLAC can be used on MACs, IOs,  Android, and windows.
  • AIFF can be used to archive your physical audio CDs. While FLAC can be used to archive your physical audio CDs.
  • AIFF does not compress the audio files and hence uses more storage. 10 MBs per minute to be precise. FLAC uses about 40% less storage than the original files.
  • AIFF downloads take much longer due to the larger file sizes. While FLAC files can be downloaded much faster. 
  • AIFF is not usually available for download online. FLAC can be easily downloaded from the internet.
  • AIFF is limited compatibility as it is mainly used on apple devices. Border compatibility as FLAC can work on many operating systems.
  • AIFF is lossless audio to maintain quality. While FLAC is able to ensure the audio quality.
  • AIFF takes up less space on most devices. While in FLAC can be large when the bitrate is high.
  • AIFF is meant for storing music and other audio-related projects in their original form. While FLAC is designed in such a way that it can be downloaded quickly.
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