Pros and cons of SFTP

Larger files may be safely sent over the internet using the secure file transfer protocol(SFTP), a file protocol incorporating secure shell(SSH) security components. It is a more sophisticated FTP(file transfer protocol) that makes use of SSH encryption. Here is a discussion about the pros and cons of SFTP to understand more about this topic.

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Pro of SFTP | Advantages of SFTP:

  • Offer secure connection.
  • Uniform directory listing.
  • Since SFTP only requires one port, using it behind the firewall is simple.
  • SFTP encrypts data during the file transfer process.
  • File transfers with SFTP only utilize one channel, lowering the possibility of hostile actors gaining access to sensitive information
  • Require no data or hardware connection.
  • Offers on-demand access to files from any location.
  • Stores all business files in a single location.
  • SFTP covers hardware, software, maintenance, and support cost. So it reduces business costs.
  • Convenient file management.
  • Offer on-demand access to files from any location.
  • Maintains compliance.
  • Off-site disaster recovery and secure backups.
  • SFTP servers can easily scale capacity with the growth in business.
  • Authorized users with the right permission can conveniently upload and download files.
  • Allow the use of SSH keys or username and password authentication methods to maintain data security.
  • Backed by a 24/7 team of professionals for monitoring and security.
  • Easy to implement
  • Interaction can be understood by humans.
  • Well known and widely used.
  • Provides service for server-to-server file transfer.
  • SSL/TLS has excellent authentication mechanisms.

Cons of SFTP | Disadvantages of SFTP:

  • No uniform directory listing format.
  • Hard to use behind firewalls.
  • Not all FTP server supports SSL/TLS.
  • Validation and management of SSH keys is not easy.
  • does not provide a character set requirement for filenames.
  • The protocol uses binary transmission, hence it cannot be recorded exactly for human reading.
  • NFT and VCL do not support SSH/SFTP.
  • In addition to a server-to-server copy, the protocol does not provide removal actions for the recursive directory. There are many SFTP setup standards, which might cause problems when using software from various suppliers together.
  • Some training is also required on how SSH keys work.
  • SSH keys take work for administrators to set up for employees.
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