Difference between FTP and TFTP

This page cover the FTP vs TFTP describes the main key difference between FTP and TFTP. It mentions the difference between FTP and TFTP protocols including commands. both are application protocols available for file transfer between two connected in a typical IP based network.

Definition of FTP:

FTP is an application layer protocol. FTP is a mechanism provided by TCP/IP for transferring the file from client to server or same as from the server to the client.  The issues resolved y FTP are, like two systems between whom the file is being exchanged may use different file conversion or different ways to represent text and data or a different directory structure. To resolve this problem FTP has a list of commands.

Definition of TFTP:

TFTP is an application layer protocol. When we need to transfer a file from client to server or same from the server to the client without any need for features of FTP, then TFTP is used. TFTP is a software package that is smaller. It can fit into the read-only memory of diskless workstations which can be used during the bootstrapping time.

Difference between FTP and TFTP:

  • FTP means file transfer protocol, while the TFTP stands for trivial file transfer protocol.
  • FTP is a software of FTP is larger than TFTP. While the software of TFTP is smaller than FTP.
  • FTP works on two ports: 20 & 21, while TFTP works on 69 port number.
  • FTP are many commands or message in FTP, while in TFTP are only 5 messages in TFTP.
  • FTP uses TCP as a transport layer protocol, TFTP uses UDP as a transport layer protocol 
  • The complexity of FTP is too much higher than TFTP, while the complexity of TFTP is less than FTP complexity.
  • FTP are many commands or message in FTP, TFTP is only 5 messages in TFTP.
  • FTP needs authentication for communications, while TFTP does not need authentication for communications.
  • FTP is generally suited for uploading as well as downloading of files by remote users. While TFTP is mainly used for the transmission of configurations to and from network devices.
  • FTP use roust control commands, TFTP uses simple control commands.
  • FTP is specified i RFC(59 document, While i TFTP is specified i RFC783 document.

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