SFTP Vs SSH | Difference | Comparison

SSH file transfer protocol(SFTP) and Secure shell(SSH) are two different protocols. SFTP provides a secure channel for transferring files between the two endpoints.  SSH is a network protocol that allows for secure communication between two devices. Learn about the two protocol and their main difference. So let's debate SFTP Vs SSH to understand more about it.

What is Secure Shell(SSH)?

Secure Shell(SSH) is a transport layer that allows for secure information sharing between two secured endpoints and secure logins. Through the use of public and private keys. It is secure the exchange. Used to establish secure communication between the company and distant server. 

What is SSH File Transfer Protocol(SFTP)?

SSH file transfer protocol is a protocol built on SSH for efficient, secure file transfer. This protocol makes it simple to transfer and secure a large amount of data over the internet. It makes use of SSH to share information with a better level of security. 

SFTP Vs SSH | Difference between SFTP and SSH:

  • SFTP stands for Secure shell file transfer protocol, and SSH stands for secure shell.
  • SFTP was founded by Tatu Ylonen in 1997. SSH was founded by Tatu Ylonen in 1995. 
  • SFTP provides a secure channel for transferring files between the two endpoints. SSH provides authentication and secures login for communication.
  • SFTP uses one channel to transmit data. While SSH uses a key, i.e. either a public or private key for communication.
  • SFTP provides encryption for sending the data. SSH provides port forwarding to pass an SSH connection.
  • SFTP is built over SSH architecture. SSH has its architecture.
  • SFTP uses the tunnel transfer method. SSH uses a secure file transfer mechanism.
  • SFTP provides support for IPV6 HTTP protocols. SSH provides support for remote logins.
  • SFTP is used to transfer, access, and modify files over an SSH transport. While SSH is used for various Unix and Windows distributions. 
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