28 February 2023

DDR3 Vs DDR5 | Difference | Comparison

Now that you have a clear knowledge of the fundamental difference between DDR3 and DDR5, you will find it simple to free your choice of the best one. It is essential that you comprehend your system settings before making a purchase. Please post any further queries on DDR3 vs DDR5 in the comments area below. We will gladly share our ideas with you as soon as possible.

What is DDR3?

DDR3 stands for double data rate 3. DDR3 is a synchronous random access memory. In DDR3, self-refresh and auto-refresh are used to refresh its contents. DDR3 consumes less power since it uses self-refresh, which ranges from 800 to 2133 MHz.

What is DDR5?

DDR5 stands for Double data rate, and DDR5 is a synchronous dynamic random access memory. DDR5 or GDDR5  memory offers greater memory bandwidth and memory clock speed than DDR3, hence it is utilized for gaming rather than DDR3. DDR5 is exclusively used in graphics cards, although DDR3 is commonly found in PCs. Despite having a lower latency than DDR3, DDR5 outperforms DDR3.

DDR3 Vs DDR5 | Difference | Comparison

  • DDR3 was used in computer systems. DDR5 is newer than DDR3.
  • DDR3 is used by Xbox,  And DDR5 or GDDR5 is used by PS4.
  • DDR3 is comparatively slow, while the speed of DDR5 is faster than DDR3. 
  • DDR3 is mainly used in computers, and DDR5 is mainly used in graphics cards.
  • DDR3 isbetter for office task than DDR5. DDR5 is better for gaming than DDR3 because it has more memory bandwidth.
  • DDR3 has lower latency than DDR5. DDR5 has more latency than DDR3.
  • The cost of DDR3 is cheaper than DDR5. DDR5 is costlier than DDR3.
  • DDR3 memory clock speeds are slower than DDR5. DDR5 has a higher memory clock speed than DDR3.
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