MBR Vs GPT | Difference | Comparison

MBR Vs GPT, which one is better, and what is the difference between MBR and GPT? Master boot record(MBR) and GUID partition table(GPT) are two partitioning techniques used on hard disc drives(HDD) and solid-state drives(SSD) across the world, with GPT being the more recent standard. Each option has its own boot structure and data processing (MBR and GPT). The pace and criteria of the two division possibilities differ. Let us discuss the difference between MBR Vs GPT to better understand this topic.

What is MBR?

MBR stands for master boot record, it manages how partitions are created and organized on the HDD or SSD. MBR uses bios firmware and store code in the disk's first sector with a logical block address(LBA) of 1. The data includes information on how and where windows are stored in the PC's primary storage and internal random access memory(RAM) to control the boot process.

What is GPT?

GPT stands for GUID partition table. It, like MBR, governs the formation and placement of partitions on the SSD/HDD. GPT employs UEFI firmware rather than the BIOS used in MBR, and it saves disc information like partition, sizes, and other critical data in sector one, exactly like MBR. GPT on the other hand uses sector two since sector one is designated for MBR and bios compatibility. 

MBR Vs GPT | Difference between MBR and GPT

  • The number of primary partitions of the Master boot record(MBR) is 4, While GPT(GUID partition table) is up to 128 for windows OS.
  • The maximum partition size of MBR is 2 TB, and GPT is 18 exabytes.
  • Poor support in multiple boots is supported in MBR, However, GPT boot loader entries are in different partitions.
  • MBR is for the less evolved systems, while GPT can use more advanced device technologies.
  • The specification in MBR is BIOS, while the specification of GPT is UEFI.
  • In MBR no checksum on the data sector. While in GPT CRC values are used to ensure data security. back up the GUID partition table.
  • Data recovery cannot be recovered easily in MBR, GPT Data can be easily recovered.
  • MBR is stored in the partition. Whereas GPT has a unique GUID and a 36-character name.
  • No way to detect corruption of data in MBR while in GPT easily to detect data corruption.
  • The participation type code in MBR is 1 byte, GPT is 16 bytes GUID is used in GPT.
  • MBR is less stable as compared to GPT.  GPT is more stable.
  • MBR is lower in performance compared to GPT. But GPT offers superior performance in UEFI boot is supported.
  • In MBR operating system support like windows 7 and other older versions like 95/98, windows XP, etc. All major OS like MAC and the latest version of windows like windows 10 in GPT.
  • Storage capacity of MBR only up to 2 TB. Disk size >2TB is marked as unallocated and cannot be used. While in GPT disk capacity of 9.44 million TB.
  • In MBR boots a 32-bit operating system and GPT boots a 64-bit operating system.
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