GDDR5 Vs GDDR6 | Comparison | Difference

GDDR5 stands for graphics double data rate 5, and GDDR6 stands for Graphics double data rate 6. GDDR6 memory is much faster than GDDR5.  The maximum data rate for GDDR5 is 8 Gbps while The maximum data rate for GDDR6 is 16 Gbps. Now let us have deep insight into the comparison and difference between GDDR5 and GDDR6.

What is GDDR5?

A form of RAM used for graphics cards is called GDDRS, or graphics double data rate 5. GDDR5 memory is commonly used by graphics cards. GDDR5 is based on DDR3 SDRAM memory, like GDDR4, which it replaces, and has twice as many data lines as DDR2 SDRAM. GDDR5 makes use of 8-bit wide prefetch buffers, just like GDDR4 and DDR3 SDRAM. Modern synchronous graphics random access memory (SGRAM) for graphics cards, gaming consoles, and high-performance computers is called GDDR5. It has a high bandwidth interface. this specific GDDR SDRAM kind.

What is GDDR6? 

Graphics double data rate 6, or GDDR6, is equivalent to the system RAM used in modern Computers, DDR4 or DDR5. The successor to GDDR5 is GDDR6, which provides higher bandwidth and capacity than its predecessor. The most substantial improvements have been made to the two primary types of memory transfer speeds. In comparison to GDDR5, which transfers data at an 8 GB per second rate, GDDR6 is about twice as fast, transferring data at a rate of 14–16 GB per second. Moreover. The module capacity of GDDR6 is higher than that of GDDR5. A GPU divides the available VRAM into numerous modules while actively using all of it. Memory is available in five distinct capacities: 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, and 8 GB.

GDDR5 Vs GDDR6 | Difference between GDDR5 and GDDR6


GDDR6 offers higher memory bandwidth and transfer rates than GDDR5, making it faster. The maximum data rate for GDDR6 is 16 Gbps, whereas the maximum data rate for GDDR5 is 8 Gbps.


GDDR6 memory can hold more data in the same amount of space by achieving higher memory densities than GDDR5. This is accomplished by several advancements, including improved transistor design and more effective memory cell utilisation.


GDDR6 cannot be used in systems built to support GDDR5 memory because it is not backwards compatible with GDDR5. This means that upgrading from GDDR5 to GDDR6 may require more than just a memory upgrade, it may also necessitate a complete system redesign.


Samsung, Micron, and Hynix are manufacturers of GDDR5 and GDDR6.


Due to its more complex design and manufacturing procedures, GDDR6 is typically more expensive than GDDR5. But as GDDR6 gains popularity, its price is probably going to decrease over time.


GDDR6 is more power efficient than GDDR5 because it consumes less power. This is brought on by a variety of elements, such as enhanced manufacturing procedures and better memory module design.

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