5 August 2023

Difference Between DDR3 and DDR3L

DDR3 and DDR3L are both types of DDR3 memory, but they have some differences in terms of voltage, Power consumption, Cost, Performance, Heat radiation,  and Backward compatibility. So let us discuss the Difference between DDR3 and DDR3L to better understand this topic.

What is DDR3?

DDR3 stands for double data rate 3. DDR3 is a synchronous random access memory. In DDR3, self-refresh and auto-refresh are used to refresh its contents. DDR3 uses self-refresh at a speed that ranges from 800 to 2133 MHz, which requires less power. DDR3, 1.5 V voltage requirements.

What is DDR3L?

The special DDR3L kind of RAM is identified by the letter L which stands for low voltage standard for low voltage standard. DDR3L only requires 1.35, which is 0.15 V less than that of DDR3. Low power consumption is a benefit of working with low voltage. Less power usage can lengthen the life of the battery.

Difference between DDR3 and DDR3L


DDR3 memory operates at a standard voltage of 1.5V. This was the initial voltage specification for DDR3 modules. Whereas the DDR3L operates at a lower voltage of 1.35V. 

Power consumption

DDR3 operates at 1.5V, it consumes more power compared to DDR3L memory modules. DDR3L memory's lower voltage at 1.35V results in reduced power consumption consequently, generates less heat.

Heat radiation

The heat radiation of DDR3 has a high rate of radiation, whereas the Heat radiation of DDR3L has a lower rate of radiation. 


DDR3 is less costly, but DDR3L comes at a higher cost.

Backward compatible

DDR3 has no backward compatibility, On the other hand, DDR3L can be backward compatible but with the support of DDR3.


DDR3 and DDR3L memory modules have the same performance specification. They offer similar data transfer rates and timing.

Common usage

DDR3 is common usage in personal computers, laptops, and servers, On the other hand, DDR3L commonly uses laptops, mobile devices, and embedded systems.

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