29 May 2018

Difference between IGBT and BJT

IGBT is one type of power switching transistor which combines the advantages of MOSFET device and BJT transistor for the use in power supply and motor controlled circuit. Now let us check it out the information about the difference between IGBT and BJT to know more details about it.
  • First, let we check it out full form of IGBT and BJT. IGBT stands for insulated gate bipolar transistor, BJT stands for bipolar junction transistor.
  • Both have bipolar devices.
  • IGBT is driven by the gate voltage whereas BJT is a current-driven device.
  • BJT is made of an emitter, base, and collector three-terminal device whereas IGBT are known as emitter, collector and base.
  • IGBTs are better in power handling compared to BJT.
  • IGBT can be considered as a combination of BJT and FET devices.
  • IGBT has a complex device structure than BJT.
  • BJT has a long history as compared to IGBT.
  • Both of device IGBT and BJT has low ON-state voltage drop.
  • IGBT has voltage controlled, high input impedance device, and also has easier than current control of BJT.
  • IGBT has a shorter delay time relative to the BJT.
  • IGBT also have excellent forward and reverse blocking capabilities compare to BJT and also MOSFET.
  • IGBT can be easily controlled as compared to current-controlled devices called (BJT) in high voltage and high current applications.
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