12 May 2018

What is IGBT

Let us find out the full meaning of IGBT and some more information on IGBT to know more about it. 

Full information about IGBT :

IGBT meaning has been developed by combining the best qualities of both BJT and PMOSFET. Thus does IGBT process is high input impedance compare PMOSFET and has low on-state power loss as in a BJT. Insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) is free from second breakdown problem present in BJT. All these merits have made it IGBT very popular among all power electronics engineers.

IGBT is also known as metal oxide insulated gate transistor (MOSFET device), also called a conductively modulated field-effect transistor (COMFORT). It was also initially called an insulated gate transistor called IGT. 

Several merits of IGBT process is high input impedance compare to PMOSFET and has low on-state power loss as in a BJT. All these merits have made it IGBT is very popular among all power electronics system engineers.

IGBT is a three-terminal semiconductor device (emitter, base, collector) with huge bipolar current-carrying capability.

These terminals as an emitter, collector, and gate. IGBT has a CMOS input and bipolar output characteristic and voltage-controlled bipolar device. This device is apt for several applications such as DC and AC motor drive, UPS system, power supply, PWM (pulse width modulated), SMPS (Switched-mode power supplies) and drives for solenoids.

Static I-V or output characteristics of an IGBT (n channel type) show the plot of conduct collector current Iversus collector-emitter voltage VCE for the various value of gate-emitter voltages VGE1, VGE2 etc.