6 March 2020

Advantages and disadvantages of DC series motor

Advantages of DC series motors:

  • It is an easy assembly and simple design.
  • Vast starting torque.
  • Protection is very easy.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • Series wound motors can use for AC or DC supply so it is also known as universal motors.
  • Compare with shunt motor DC series motor develop power for the same construction size.
  • Starting torque of DC series motor is comparatively higher than other motor so this kind of motors are widely used for traction applications.

Disadvantages of DC series motors:

  • The speed control and regulation of the DC series motor are not good, it is very poor.
  • It is necessary to have a load before starting the DC series motor. So the series motor is not good to use load does not apply to the initial stage.
  • When the speed is increased then the DC series motors torque will be decreased sharply.
  • As we know that the basic is, DC series motor should be always required to be loaded before starting the motor. Therefor series motor is not suited always for the applications where the load on the motor is completely removed and where also a motor is driving the belts mishap to the belt leads to motor operate no-load and attains dangerous speed which damages the motor. 
  • This motor always needs the load before running any type of motor. So these type of motors is not suitable for where the motor's load is totally removed.