29 September 2018

Types of chopper circuits

before we learn about different types of chopper circuit first let we check it out what is a chopper and how it used in power electronics application.

Chopper definition :

A chopper device is one type of electronic circuit used to refer to numerous types of electronic switching devices and used in power control and signals applications. 

In power electronics, the much industrial application requires power from dc voltage sources. Several of these types of applications, however, perform better in case these are fed variable dc voltage source. 

In power electronic the conversion from fixed dc voltage to an adjustable dc type of output voltage, through the use of semiconductor devices, can be carried out by the two types of dc to dc converters  are as listed below :
  1. AC link chopper
  2. DC chopper
Here this article gives information about the different types of chopper circuit, to how to convert the dc output voltage.

1. AC link chopper 

shows in the circuit diagram of an ac link chopper to, dc are first converted to ac by an inverter. AC is then stepped down by a transformer which is then converted back to dc by a diode rectifier, As the conversion is in two stages, dc to ac to dc. So Ac link chopper is costly, bulky, and less efficient.

2. DC chopper 

To show in the figure here DC  chopper is a static device that converts fixed dc input voltage to a variable dc output voltage directly.

A chopper may be thought of as dc equivalent of an ac transformer so that it can behave like is an identical manner. As a state that the chopper involves that one stage conversion, these are more efficient for a circuit, so is the one of the most useful compared to AC link chopper.

Chopper is now being all over for rapid transits systems. Chopper systems offer too much fast response, smooth controlhigh efficiency, and also regeneration.

The power semiconductor devices are used for a chopper circuit can be force commutative thyristor, and also power BJT full form, IGBT full form, power MOSFET full formAs we stated above, a chopper is dc equivalent to an ac transformer having continuously variable turn ratio. 

As an alike transformer, a chopper can be used to step up or step down for the fixed dc input voltage. As a step-down dc chopper are more common,  then the term dc chopper would mean a step-down dc chopper.