Difference Between Kinetics and Kinematics

In physics science, to deal with the motion of the object to terms are frequently used. Kinetics ad kinematics are two areas of study. Both are dealing with the motion of an object, but still there are some differences between them. The main difference is having a base on the cause of the motion. So here this article gives the main key difference between kinetics and kinematics to better understand this topic.

What is kinetics?

Kinetics explains how a body responds when the force or torque is applied to it. This is the branch of physics, which deals specifically with analyzing the forces acting on an object.

What is kinematics?

Kinetics describes the motion of the bodies. It deal with finding out velocities or acceleration for various objects. Kinematics is the branch of physics that deals with motion using mathematical descriptions like a set of equations of motion.

Difference between  kinetics and kinematics:

  • Kinetics is a deal with the causes for the motion of the object, while the kinematics with the position, acceleration, and the speed of an object.
  • Kinetics takes into consideration the mass of the object, while in kinematics doesn't take into consideration the mass of the object.
  • Kinetics takes force explicitly into account, while kinematics doesn't take forces explicitly into account.
  • Kinetics treated in terms of energy transformation, while in kinematics treated in geometrically.
  • Kinetics is the study of motion caused by force, gravity, friction, and torque, while in kinematics determine how to move.
  • Kinetic get an attempt to causes, while in kinematics is disruptive and based on the observation.
  • Kinetics is a partial application that can be found in the designing of automobiles, while kinematics can be found in the study of the movement of celestial bodies.
  • Kinetics does not have more mathematical expression, while kinematics has more mathematical expression.
  • Kinetic is an attempt to determine the relationship between the motion of bodies causes by internal force and the mass of bodies, while in kinematics is about simply describing motion, such as velocity, time, displacement, acceleration.
  • Kinetics is also known as a dynamic, while in kinematics is called with the same name.
  • Kinetics used in various branches of science such as biology, chemistry, and physics, while kinematics used in physics, mechanics in terms of engineering. 
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