Centrifugal Force vs Centripetal Force

 What is centripetal force?

This is the amount of force used to move something in a circle. The force may be anything from friction to gravity to rope tension or some combination of these. The term "centripetal force" refers to a real force that causes something to shift in a circle. This force is often aimed toward the circle of motion's base.

What is Centrifugal force?

This is the force used to make a noninertial reference frame appear to be stationary. This fictitious force appears to drive you away from the middle of the circular motion.

Difference between centrifugal force and centripetal force:

  • Centrifugal force is an object moving in a circle and experiences an outward force then this force is called the centrifugal force, while the object travels at a uniform speed in a circular path is called centripetal force.
  • Centrifugal forced flying of a tire is one example of the centrifugal force, while the centripetal force is a satellite orbiting a plant is an example of the centripetal force.
  • Centrifugal force has object has direction analog the center of the circle from the center approaching the object, while centripetal force object has the direction along the center of the circle from the object approaching the center.

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