6 January 2021

Difference between HTTP and WWW

What is HTTP?

HTTP is the most popular protocol in use today. It is the communication standard used y your web browser in order to communicate with the server of the website that you are viewing. 

What is WWW?

WWW is also called the web and it is a catalog of an order of all websites connected to the worldwide internet. It is an information system in which linked hypertext data and resources are accessed over the internet. Using a web browser, a user can access a web page and a user can navigate between the web page using hyperlinks where images, texts, data, other multimedia data. The content can be carried on a website page.

Difference between HTTP and WWW:

  • HTTP is the protocol that is used to transfer data to and from the website.
  • WWW is the identifier that indicates that it is a web site and it is using the HTTP protocol.
  • Any prefix that is not reserved for a protocol, it can be used as a subdomain.
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