29 December 2020

Difference between FTP and SFTP

FTP is a protocol that is used to transfer or copy files from one host to another host. ut there may e some problems like different file names ad different file directories while sending ad receiving a file in different hosts or systems. While SMTP is the protocol that provides a secure channel, to transfer or copy the file from one host to another host or system. SFTP establishes the control connection under SSH protocol and it is used in port number 22. FTP is an insecure protocol while SFTP is a secure protocol, which is the primary difference between the two. That means SFTP allows for secure file transfer via a different communication medium. So the main key difference between FTP VS SFTP is that SFTP uses a secure channel to transfer files while FTP doesn't.

Definition of FTP:

FTP is an application layer protocol. FTP is a mechanism provided by TCP/IP for transferring the file from the client to the server or the same from the server to the client.  The issues resolved y FTP are, like two systems between whom the file is being exchanged may use different file conversions or different ways to represent text and data or a different directory structure. To resolve this problem FTP has a list of commands.

Definition of SFTP:

SFTP is a part of the SSH protocol for the suite. It provides secure file transfer over SSH and provides access to all shell accounts on the remote SFTP for server use. SFTP verifies the identity of the client ad once a secured connection is established information is exchanged.

Difference between FTP ad SFTP:

  • FTP stands for file transfer protocol, while SFTP stands for secure file transfer protocol.
  • FTP protocol is a service provided by TCP/IP protocol but the SFTP protocol is a part of the SSH protocol which is remote login information.
  • FTP transfer the password and the data in plain text format whereas, SFTP encrypts the data before sending it to another host.
  • FTP has a direct transfer method whereas SFTP has a tunneling transfer method.
  • FTP does not provide any secure channel to transfer the file between the hosts whereas the SFTP protocol provides secure channels for transferring the files between the hosts on the network.
  • FTP doesn't provide encryption while SFTP provides encryption for sending the data.
  • FTP makes a connection using a control connection on TCP port 21. While the SFTP transfer the file under the secure connection established by SSH protocol between the client and server. SFTP allows incoming collection on port 22.
  • FTP uses two channels to transfer data while SFTP uses one channel to transfer data.
  • FTP uses client-server architecture while SFTP uses SSH architecture.
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