5 June 2021

Benefits of firewall

 Let us check the Benefits of a firewall which are listed below:

  • A firewall prevents hackers and remote access.
  • It reduces better privacy and security.
  • It protects data.
  • It protects from trojans.
  • A network-based firewall, like a router, can offer protection to multiple systems while an OS-based firewall can protect individual systems.
  • Only need to ensure the firewall is void vulnerabilities to secure assuming no backdoor exists.
  • All internal hosts' DNS information can be blocked or hidden.
  • A firewall offers a method to enforce the network policy of an organization.
  • Provides integrated perimeter security.
  • Simplify audit requirements with instant user identification.
  • User identity-based decision-making prevents errors associated with IP address-based policies. Secure dynamic IP environments like WiFi and instances where users share the endpoints.
  • A firewall functions as a chock point all traffic in and out must pass through this single checkpoint.
  • A firewall separates your site's network from other networks or one section of your network from another section.

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