26 June 2021

VPN vs Antivirus

The truth is that antivirus software protects you better from some online threats, while the VPN protects you better from others. They are intended to complement one another rather than compete with one another. So here this article gives the difference between VPN and antivirus to better understand this topic.

VPN vs Antivirus | Difference between VPN and Antivirus:

  • VPN is anonymized and protects your internet traffic up to the point of exiting the tunnel created by you and the VPN server. While the antivirus protects your PC against viruses and other attacks, such as trojans, worms ransomware, etc.
  • VPN deals more with privacy and confidentiality, while Antivirus programs mainly focus on protecting a device from malware.
  • VPN would encrypt your data flow online, and antivirus would protect you from malware that might be already injected into your device.
  • VPN can change your IP address to open the block the websites and secure them from hackers, Antivirus only protects your system from viruses.
  • VPN safe your network traffic by encrypting it against eavesdropping. While the antivirus safe you against malware produced by other people whose computers might have been infected with them.
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