12 September 2021

Firewall vs proxy

What exactly is a firewall?

The firewall is the version specified by the router. All data packets entering or leaving the network are routed through the firewall, which determines whether they should be allowed or denied. All traffic must pass through the firewall, and only authorized traffic should be permitted. A powerful firewall is required.

What exactly is a proxy server?

A proxy server is a server that acts as a middleman or gateway between any device and the rest of the internet. A proxy receives and forwards connection requests before returning data for those requests. It uses the anonymous network id instead of the client's actual IP address so that the client's actual IP address cannot be revealed.

Firewall vs proxy:

  • A firewall can monitor and filter all the incoming and outgoing traffic on a given local network, while the proxy server connects an external client with a server to communicate with each other.
  • The firewall blocks connections from unauthorized networks, while the proxy server facilitates connection over the network.
  • The firewall involves network and transport layer data, while the proxy work on application layer data.
  • Firewall filters data by monitoring IP packets that are traversed, while the proxy server filters the client-side request that is made to connect to the network.
  • A firewall exists as an interface between a public and private network, while the proxy server can exist with the public network on both sides.
  • A firewall is used to protect an internal network against attacks, while the proxy is used for anonymity and to bypass restrictions.
  • The overhead generated in a firewall is more as compared to a proxy server, while the overhead generated in the proxy server is less compared to a firewall.
  • The firewall works on the packet level, proxy server works on the application protocol level.
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