4G vs LTE

What is 4G? 

4G stands for the fourth generation, and it refers to long-term evolution. Its primary goal is to provide more reliable mobile broadband internet for devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops. Speed is much faster than 3G, so 4G is incredible in terms of speed and efficiency, and it has taken the mobile market by storm.

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What is LTE?

LTE stands for long-term evolution, & it is a high-performance air interface for mobile phone systems. It is the final step toward the fourth generation of radio technologies, which are intended to increase the capacity and speed of mobile telephone networks. While the previous generation of mobile telecommunication networks is referred to as 2G or 3G. LTE is marketed as 4G technology.

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4G vs LTE | Difference  between 4G and LTE:

  • 4G is the 4th generation of cellular network technology, LTE is a long-term evolution, and LTE is an upgrade to 3rd generation cellular network technology.
  • 4G offers faster data speed, but in LTE data speed is comparatively low.
  • 4G offer highly reduced latency. You will experience a faster response to your command, while the LTE latency is higher than 4G. thereby response solver to your command.
  • 4G provides both voice calls and video calls of superior quality, while the quality of voice and video calls is interior to that provided by 4G.
  • 4G provides a seamless experience while playing online games, while the LTE has some lag time that might be experienced 
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