AAC Vs M4A | Difference | Comparison

Both the Audio coding system(ACC) and M4A are coding systems used to store audio files. Most people confuse the two and think they are the same thing frequently, So, What is the main difference between AAC and M4A? The difference between AAC and M4 A is that the former refers to a file extension format, whilst the latter is an encoding technique for audio files. So let's debate the AAC Vs M4A to understand more about it.

What is AAC?

AAC stands for the audio coding system, AAC was created as an upgrade to the MP3 standard. In 1997, it made its debut. The updated version offers great capacity for audio file compression while taking up the least amount of space. The sound quality is improved while maintaining the current MP3 bit rate. By deleting extra data from the file without necessarily affecting the audio quality, it functions as a lossy file format and produces richer audio. It is utilized by several systems, including Nintendo, the PlayStation 3, and I-tunes. Due to the popularity and widespread usage of the forums, high-quality versions are required. It was created as a consequence of efforts to enhance existing audio coding techniques. 

What is M4A?

AAC uses the M4A file extension format, which is the representation of MPEG-4 audio. It makes the audio file smaller while maintaining sound quality by using the AAC lossy compression formats that can be stored using them. The files may occasionally need to be renamed in order to be accessed since some platforms might not accept the specified file extension format. The extension system is solely used for audio files. Video files don't have file extensions. 

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AAC Vs M4A  | Difference between AAC and M4A

  • AAC is an audio coding scheme. M4A is just the file extension.
  • AAC is an encoding system. M4A is a file container.
  • AAC is part of both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 specifications, while M4 A files are part of the MPEG-4 audio system.
  • AAC is coded. M4 A is not a codec.
  • AAC is a lossy compression codec. M4A can be utilized with ALAC or another lossless or lossy compression codec.
  • Unprotected AAC files have the M4A extension, while the protected version has the M4P file extension.
  • AAC is a codec system that was developed as a novel improvement over MP3. M4 A is not a codec but simply a file container. There can be other file containers used with AAC like, .acc, .mp4, .m4b, etc.

Similarities between AAC and M4A:
  • Both formats may be changed into MP3s.
  • They are both audio formats.
  • Both are commonly used together.
  • The same platforms, like tunes, are responsible for popularising both. 
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