13 April 2019

Difference between n type and p type semiconductor

A semiconductor which is an extremely pure form is called as the intrinsic semiconductor, A semiconductor which contains some impurities is called extrinsic semiconductor. After adding some impurities in the pure semiconductor we can improve some properties of semiconductor material. The process of adding impurities is called doping. so here the main purpose of doping is to add impurities in the semiconductor and increase the number of electrons or holes in the semiconductor material. Depending upon the added impurities p-type and n-type semiconductor can be decided so first let we understand what is the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductor after that we have to understand this topic.

Difference between N-type and P-type semiconductor listed below:
  • An N-type semiconductor is an extrinsic semiconductor while P-type semiconductor of the extrinsic semiconductor
  • In N-type semiconductor, electrons are majority carriers and holes are minority carriers while in P-type semiconductor holes are majority carriers and electrons are minority carriers
  • The N-type semiconductor has a larger electrons concentration and less hole concentration while in P-type has holes concentration and fewer electrons concentration
  • N-type has pentavalent impurities are added while in p-type trivalent impurities are added
  • N-type has donor energy levels very close to the conduction band while P-type has acceptor energy levels very close to the valance band
  • In N-type majority, carriers move from lower to higher potential while in  P-type majority carrier move from higher to lower potential
  • In N-type, the electron density is much greater than the density of the holes while in P-type holes density is much greater than the electron density
  • In N-type, the donor energy level is close to the conduction band and away from the valence band while in P-type the acceptor energy level close to the valance band and away from the conduction band
  • In N-type, the Fermi level lies between the donor energy level and the conduction band while in P-type the Fermi level lies between the acceptor energy level and the valence band
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