Difference between active transducer and passive transducer

The transducer which generates the output in the form of voltage or current, without any external energy source is known as an active transducer, while in passive transducer means that the like capacitance, resistance, and inductance changes because of the input signal. Here this post we understand the difference between an active transducer and a passive transducer.

The main key difference between an active transducer and a passive transducer given below.

Difference : 
  • The transducer which gives the electrical output without any external source known as the active transducer while in physical transducer whose physical properties varies because of the input or measured signal known as the passive transducer.
  • The active transducer is also called a self-generating type transducer while the passive transducer is also called an externally powered transducer.
  • The active transducer does not require any additional source while the passive transducer requires the additional energy source.
  • Active transducer does not require any auxiliary power supply, Passive transducer require an auxiliary power supply for transduction.
  • The active transducer, the signal conversion is simpler, while in passive transducer the signal conversion is more complicated.
  • Active transducer the energy to produce output obtained from the physical quantity, while in passive transducer they also derived part of the power required the conversion from physical quantity under measurement.
  • The latest example of the active transducer is bourdon tube, Passive transducer is LVDT.
  • It generated electric current or voltage directly in response to environmental stimulation, while in passive transducer gives a change in some passive electrical quantity, such as capacitance, resistance or inductance as a result of the stimulation.
  • The design of the active transducer is simple as compared to the passive transducer.
  • The resolution of the active transducer is low while that of a passive transducer is high.
  • Active transducer draws energy from the measured source and gives the electrical output while in passive transducer the transduction can be done by changing the physical of the material.

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