10 March 2020

Precautions of concealed conduit wiring

  • The interior surface of the conduit must be clean and dry otherwise the cables may suffer damage.
  • Every metal box must be earthed.
  • Always use the looping method.
  • The conduit must be installed during building construction work in the concrete ceiling.
  • All the safety precautions which are taken in the surface conduit system will also be implied in a concealed system.
  • Whenever conduit is to be buried by concrete special care must be taken, otherwise, liquid cement may enter the conduit.
  • If you celling is reinforced concrete, it may be necessary to erect the conduit system on the shuttering and secure it, IF not secure than it may move out of position.
  • When plastic or wooden or metal boxes are buried inwall before plastering, it is advisable to stuff the boxes with paper to prevent their being with plaster.
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