GiFi vs LiFi | Difference between GiFi and LiFi

We all know that GiFi stands for Fifa byte wireless while in LiFi stands for light fidelity. LiFi transmits data using light, whereas WiFi transmits data using electromagnetic waves at radio frequencies. In this article, we will discuss some of the key differences between LiFi and WiFi.

The main key difference between GiFi and LiFi are listed below:
  • GiFi stands for gigabyte wireless, LiFi stands for light fidelity
  • GiFi is a NICTA, LiFi is IEEE( institute of electrical electronics engineers)
  • GiFi is a technology that transmits the data over the air using millimeter waves, while LiFi transmits data using light intensity modulation.
  • GiFi provides the speed up to 5 Gbps and more while the LiFi provides speed up to 1 Gbps.
  • GiFi can achieve the frequency of operation around 60GhZ, while the LiFi can achieve the frequency operation up to 50ThZ.
  • GiFi is very cheap cost only 10$, while the LiFi is cheaper compared to WiFi as it uses light.
  • GiFi works within a very high dense environment, LiFi work with a high-density environment.
  • GiFi is less power consumption than 2MW, while the LiFi power consumption is up to 1 Mw.
  • Data transfer is less compared to LiFi, LiFi provides secure data transfer due to the light blocked by the walls.
  • GiFi range up to 10 meters, in particular, LiFi systems can maximum range up to 100 meters depending upon the light intensity and range of that LED.
  • GiFi is used for primary devices like mobile phones, home devices and some electronics, etc, while the LiFi is used for primary devices like a hospital, vehicle, and transportation aviation, etc.
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