6 July 2021


What is MPLS?

MPLS is a data-forwarding technology that speeds up and controls network traffic flow. When data enters a standard IP network, it is routed between network nodes using lengthy IP addresses.

What Is VPLS?

VPLS is a type of VPN that allows multiple sites in a single bridged domain to be connected over a managed IP/MPLS network. Because the service bandwidth is not tied to the physical interfacility. VPLS provides an ethernet interface to customers, simplifying the LAN/WAN boundary for service providers and customers and enabling rapid and flexible service provisioning.

VPLS vs MPLS | Different between VPLS and MPLS

  • MPLS stands for multiprotocol label switching, while VPLS stands for virtual private LAN service.
  • MPLS is more scalable than VPLS, while the VPLS is less scalable than MPLS since ethernet broadcast flooding consumes network bandwidth.
  • MPLS is a service provider that participates in the routing of customers routing, while the VPLS service provider does not participate in the routing of customer routes.
  • MPLS uses the labels to locate the other endpoints, and VPLS uses the MAC address to locate the other endpoints.
  • MPLS is lesser since the provider participates in customer routing, while the VPLS is secured since the provider does not participate in customer routing.
  • MPLS is not transport-supported, VPLS supported IP transport.
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