SFTP Vs SCP | Difference | Comparison

SFTP(SSH file transfer protocol) and SCP(Secure Copy Protocol) are both used for transferring files between a local host and a remote host or between two remote hosts. Learn about the two protocol and their main difference. So let's debate SFTP Vs SCP to understand more about it.

What is SSH file tranfer protocol(SFTP)?

A combination of SSH(Secure Shell) And RCP(Remote copy protocol), SCP is a secure file transfer protocol. The RCP protocol is used for sending files to or from the server, BUt the SSH protocol provides authentication and encryption. The Secure Copy Protocol(SCP) can request the secure shell for permission to upload files and upon receiving this request and verifying the data security, the secure shell grants the request. The server transmits the downloaded files to a different device. 

What is SSH File Transfer Protocol(SFTP)?

SSH file transfer protocol is a protocol built on SSH for efficient, secure file transfer. This protocol makes it simple to transfer and secure a large amount of data over the internet. It makes use of SSH to share information with a better level of security. 

SFTP Vs SCP | Difference between SFTP and SCP:

  • SFTP stands for secure file transfer protocol. While SCP stands for Secure copy protocol.
  • When compared to SFTP, SCP protocol is less platform-independent.
  • When compared to SFTP, SCP is working faster.
  • When compared to SFTP, SCP is implemented most frequently in Unix platforms.
  • When compared to SFTP, SCP has very low performance in functions.
  • SFTP can transfer files, locate them and also remove them at times, but SCP can only transfer files.
  • SFTP is a file transfer protocol and uses a Secure shell(SSH). It performs directory listing and file removal tasks. SCP can not perform operations such as listing remote directories or removing files, it is used to transfer files only.
  • SFTP protocol performs functions such as file access, file transfer, and file management. SCP protocol is used for the transfer of data along with protection against interception. 
  • SFTP requires an acknowledgment for each packet before the next is sent, SCP doesn't.
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