SFTP Vs FTPS | Difference | Comparison

Secure shell file transfer protocol(SFTP) and File transfer protocol secure(FTPS) both allow for secure file transmission via various communication. Learn about the two protocol and their main difference. So let's debate the SFTP Vs FTPS to understand more about it.  

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What is SFTP?

SFTP is known as SSH FTP, which refers to file transfer protocol (FTP) over a secure shell(SSH). SFTP is a part of the SSH protocol for the suite. It provides secure file transfer over SSH and provides access to all shell accounts on the remote SFTP for server use. SFTP verifies the identity of the client ad once a secured connection is established information is exchanged. 

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What is FTPS?

File transfer protocol over secure socket layer(FTP over SSL). also referred to as FTPS or FTP SSL, is more secure than FTP. Also known as file transfer protocol secure, FTPS. It refers to standard FTP with security, which protects data from attacks by encrypting it so that no one may access any data while it is being transmitted between the two ends. It uses a variety of techniques to encrypt data, including triple DES and AES.

SFTP Vs FTPS | Difference between SFTP and FTPS:

  • SFTP is known as the Secure shell file transfer protocol. While the FTPS stands for file transfer protocol secure. 
  • SFTP refers to the SSH file transfer protocol. FTPS refers to file transfer protocol with SSL.
  • SFTP is also known as file transfer protocol over secure shell(SSH). while FTPS is also known as file transfer protocol(FTP) over a secure sockets layer(SSL).
  • SFTP secure file transfer protocol in short known as SFTP. FTPS file transfer protocol secures short known as FTPS. 
  • SSH keys can be used to authenticate SFTP connections. While FTPS is key-based authentication is not supported. 
  • In, SFTP authentication is performed via SSH keys. FTPS authentication is performed via.5089 certificates. 
  • Secure file transfer protocol called SFTP uses SSH to encrypt all data sent over the network compared to FTPS, which uses no encryption, this makes it far more secure. 
  • All SFTP communications require a single port number, which SFTP eliminates, making it simple to secure and offer more protection. While FTPS uses multiport numbers. Each time a file transfer request is made another port number needs to be opened for the data channel. 
  • SFTP has no separate connection for command and file data. FTPS has a separate connection for command and file data. 
  • SFTP is more common in recent devices and software. While FTPS is most commonly used due to its ubiquitous legacy.
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