M4A Vs WAV | Difference | Comparison

M4A(MPEG-4) and Waveform audio file format(WAV) are well-known audio formats. Both formats M4A and WAV are good options for storing audio content. WAW has better Sound quality compared to M4A. The waveform audio file format(WAV) is an audio container, making it a standard audio format for PC, which is store lossless audio data. While WAV files require a large amount of storage space because the container holds uncompressed audio content. Now let us have deep insight into the comparison and difference between M4A Vs WAV.

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What is M4A?

The M4A(MPEG-4) file format, which is based on Apple, uses an advanced audio coding system to encode its files (AAC). The audio quality has been preserved during compression for these files. M4A, despite being used on devices other than those made by Apple, was the first audio format made available in the iTunes store. In terms of file size and audio quality, this format is more sophisticated. On your iPhone device, you can quickly convert M4A ringtone files to M4R. M4A is DRM-free and supports flexible file editing and transfer. 

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What is WAV?

The audio container WAV, also known as waveform audio file format, was developed by Microsoft and IBM. One of the common PC audio formats for storing lossless audio content is this one. WAV files require more storage space than files in other formats, like M4A, because the audio in this container is uncompressed. WAV audio typically be up to 10 MB in size per minute.

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M4A Vs WAV | Difference between M4A and WAV


M4A stands for MPEG-4 Audio, and WAV stands for waveform audio file format.

Audio quality

M4A files typically have compressed content, and the audio is of lower quality. When file size is more important than quality, this format is appropriate. WAV files offer high-quality, lossless audio content because they are not compressed. If quality is the main consideration, this container is preferable.


M4A may occasionally be incompatible with certain Windows hardware or software, such as Windows media players, due to the way apple inc. Designed it. However, even though IBM and Microsoft created the WAV format, you can still use your MAC's quick-time media player to view it.

File size

AAC compression is frequently used to decode the audio in M4A files. In other words, compared to many other formats, an M4A file is relatively smaller in size. However, since audio is stored in the losses, uncompressed WAV format, A WAV file is larger in size.

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